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Waste tirebatch type pyrolysis equipment



Technics principle
Batch Type Pyrolysis System use strap conveyer, screw feeder and screw ash collector. Raw material will be heated and pyrolysis in reactor when it rotate. It has characteristic of short pyrolysis time, small labor intensity, low power consumption and high safety factor. At same time, it resolve many problems of circumgyrate stove type pyrolysis plant, such as too many airproof points, air pollution, oil vaper outlet and ash discharge outlet are easy to leak, etc. This waste plastic pyrolysis plant use original L type gas outlet, which can ensure raw material could be heated uniformity and pyrolysis completely, and also ensure the gas can be separated from carbon black powder efficiently. Compare to other plant which pyrolysis gas and carbon black mix together, output gas doesn¡¯t has deposit and separate space, easy to jam pipeline and pollute oil by large amount carbon black powder, our plant has unexampled advantage.

Technics flow
1. The cut waste tyres pieces are fed into the screw conveyor and go into the pyrolysis kettle. Under high temperature, the materials are turned over and over for pyrolysis. The pyrolysis gas goes into liquid-gas separator, purified and separated, enters the condenser. The pyrolyzed primary carbon black and steel wires are discharged into automatic conveyor and fed into the carbon black processing system.
2. The pyrolysis gas is condensed and became oil, then discharged into the relay tank. When the oile level in relay tank reaches a certain level, the oil will be pumped into storage tank.
3. The non-condensed gas is returned to the liquid-gas separator through the top of relay tank. The gas separated from the liquid is processed by the waste gas processor, and passes the water seal tank and enters the hot-air furnace for firing material.
4£®The cooling water is sent from the pool to a condenser through the pump, low-in & high-out back to circulating pool. Water is recyclable.
5£®The fuel after dehydration in tank is sent to fuel tank through the filter, then by the tank outlet to the burner of stove.

Product Yield
Fuel oil£º40£¥
Thick Carbon Black£º35£¥
Non-condensable gas£º8£¥ Loss£º2£¥

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