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PVC milling machine


MF Series Plastic milling machine is a prefect machine for processing and grinding thermoplastics material such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, PC, PS, etc, with high output and low power consumption.
1. With water cycle and wind cooling, the machine can be applied into processing heat sensitive material.
2. With the tail-wagging air stream (partly eddy flow) produced by the tail-wagging of the main shaft capstan of the machine, the input tail-wagging materials collide strongly with the board and the cutting blade, and was grinded into powdery (without sieving).
3. Both the board and the cutting blade are made of abrasion-resistant steel, with excellent performance after heat treatment.
4. With severeness of framework, the volume of the machine is quite small. If you open door closure, you can maintain it. It is completely airproof and without any dust leakage.
5. With winding reclaiming equipment, the machine is features by cooling materials evenly, quick cooling and some other characteristics.

Model MF-250 MF-350 MF-450 MF-550
Rotating Knife Diametermm 250 350 450 550
Main Motor Power(kw) 11 30 45 55
CoolingMethod Water cooling
Fan Power 1.5 kw 3 kw 3 kw 5.5 kw
Vibrating Sieve Type ZDS 600 ZDS 800 ZDS 1000 ZDS 1200
Capacity(kg/h) About 50-120 About 120-290 About 300 About 480
Dimensions(mm) 1500 800 2800 1700 1500 3700 1800 1600 3800 1900 1700 3900
Weight(kg) 900 1300 1600 2200


No. 156 south industral road hi-tech zone jinan city shandong provience, China
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