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Plastic crushers

The heavy-duty crusher can solve almost all plastic crusher aspects of the problem. Equipment is economical and practical, safe and convenient operation, high degree of automation.
The rotor tool uses the most advanced technology of V-shaped cut. V-shaped cutting technology in the recycling process will be broken material sent to the center of the blade, to avoid the material posted on the sidewall, while also increasing the wear resistance of the sidewalls.
Smash the box easy to open, change tools, repair and maintenance safe and convenient to the central line as the boundary is divided into two parts, the upper part of the available mechanical devices (or pneumatic devices, hydraulic devices). Part of the opening of the sieve through the front door bolt fixed and machine.
Solid bearing device installed outside of the machine, and is independent of the cutting room to prevent dust and dirt from entering the bearings. Extend machine life while reducing maintenance work. And crushing chamber separate independent bearing this advantage is particularly significant for with water broken.
Installed in the non-drive side of the shaft in order to increase the inertia of the rotor, the auxiliary flywheel. The the shaft to extend part of the standard configuration flywheel.
All knives, including knife and fixed knife can be set to adjust the machine outside of the fixture is no longer necessary after a difficult machine to adjust the tool process. The tool is made from high quality alloy steel, regrinding several times.
This series can be set by adding a removable deflection wedge (the third fixed knife), which can be used to change the feed mouth cross-section and the crusher required cutting a cutting point.

Crusher type

strong crushers for all plastic(general type)

crusher especially for films

crusher especially for bottles

crushers especially for pipes

crushers especially for hollow containers


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