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Waste tirebatch type distill equipment



Technics principle
After being heated to enough temperature, the fuel oil in still kettle will be gasified and fractionated. Through the fractionating tower, hydrocarbon will be separate distilled according to gasoline and diesel oil¡¯s fraction. The fractionated gasoline and diesel oil will be cooling down by condenser, and produce to gasoline distillate and diesel oil distillate. Residual part is heavy fuel oil.

Technics flow
The dehydrated primary oil is pumped to the distillation kettle, heated and gasified, and condensed into petrol and diesel fraction.
1. The dehydrated primary oil enters the pump from the tank bottom pipr, and pumped into the distillation kettle.
2. The petrol fraction comes from the kettle top exit and condensed in the condenser, and enters the relay tank. Finally it is pumped into the petrol sotrage tank.
3. The diesel fraction comes out from the exit at the middle of kettle, chilled in the condenser, enters the relay tank, and pumped into the diesel storage tank.
4.The non-condensable gas enters to grade 1 exhaust gas processor through the middle tank; then after separating to grade 2 exhaust gas processor for cleaning; at last the exhaust gas enters to grade 3 exhaust gas processor. It finally flows to the chamber combustion after grade 3 exhaust gas processor water seal.

Product Yield
Gasoline fraction£º20£¥£»
Diesel fraction£º60£¥£»
Non-condensable gas£º2£¥£»


No. 156 south industral road hi-tech zone jinan city shandong provience, China
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