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Process principle
Fully Continuous Pyrolysis System adopted automatic feeding,automatic deslagging,the materials in the reactor,screw driving from the low temperature area to high temperature area and pyrolysis,high automatic,big capacity,high safety.Sloved many shortcoming of the fixed bed type and othe types pyrolysis equipments,quantity production,low capacity,long cycle,big consumption,heavy physical labour,bad working environment.In the meanwhile,solved the rotary kiln¡¯s problem,many sealed point,potential safety and air pollution because of it is easy leakage of oil-oulet and hole of material discharging. Fully Automatic Continuous Pyrolysis System adopted original inner screw propeller,not only ensure the materials heating uniformly,pyrolysis fully,but also ensure the pyrolysis gas and carbon black powder separated fully,incomparable advantage with the rotary kiln pyrolysis machine which the pyrolysis gas mixed with carbon and no separated space,easy to bring vast carbon black powder and block the tubes,equipment and pollute the quality of oil.

Technics flow
1. The cut waste tyre pieces are fed into feeding machine and preheated then transported into the reactor. Materials are driven forward in the reactor and pyrolyzed. The gas passes through the evaporation pipe on top of the reactor and enters the gas liquid separator. The broken down carbon black and steel wires are discharged by the auto discharging machine into the carbon black conveyor, and the steel wires are seperated from the carbon black with the magnetic selector. The carbon black will be given to the carbon black processing machine.
2£®The condensed fuel oil comes into relay tank.When oil level of relay tank upto the fixed height,then use pump into the storage tank.
3. The waste gas was discharged from the top of relay tank into waste gas buffer tank, inhaled by the vacuum pump into air liquid seperator, where the waste gas is seperated from liquid and goes into water sealed tank. From the water sealed tank, waste gas enters the hot air furnace for burning.
4£®Cooling water is sucked by the pump from water recycling pool and sent to the condenser tubes. Water travels in the tube from bottom to top and returns to recycling water pool.
5£®Steam is generated by the boiler and is passed to the pyrolysis kettle feeding steam inlet, discharging steam inlet and kettle internal inlet, being over heatedby the kettle and finally enter the kettle.
6£®Fuel oil is dehydrated in the storage tank, sucked by the pump, passing the filter and goes into the fuel oil tank. The oil is supplied to the steam boiler and hot air furnace.

Product Yield
Fuel oil£º40£¥
Thick Carbon Black£º35£¥
Non-condensable gas£º8£¥

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